Renting Student Apartments in Ottawa

Whether you’re saying goodbye to residence, moving to Ottawa for the first time, or just keen to get out of your parents’ house, it’s important to find quality Ottawa student housing. Ottawa has a wealth of great places for students to live, the trick is knowing how to find them.

Finding the Best Ottawa Student Apartments Means Doing Your Homework

Determining exactly where you want to be in Ottawa is a good place to start. Are you new to the city? Start researching the different neighbourhoods and consider bus routes.

If you’re considering apartments near Carleton or University of Ottawa, it’s helpful to know that all of the major OC Transpo bus routes (91, 95, 94) run right through downtown along the Transitway, and many more local routes run along Bank Street and Rideau Street, providing easy and affordable access to the entire city.

As an added bonus, the Transitway runs until well past 2 a.m., meaning you can stay out late and still make it back to your downtown apartment before the buses stop running.

Friends, classmates and other Ottawa students are also a great resource. Try contacting your student associate. For example, Algonquin College has a great student association website. They will be sure to have ideas and opinions about where to live, what to expect, and what prices are reasonable.

Go With a Reputable Property Management Company

Although websites like Padmapper and Kijiji are good resources, they certainly don’t separate the good apartments from the scams.  That’s why using a full-service property management company is always a good idea. Property management companies such as District Realty offer the widest variety of apartment rentals and student housing opportunities across the city. Their business is their reputation, so housing is always affordable, clean, and well managed.

Finding Student Housing in Ottawa is All About Shopping Around

While it’s true that first impressions are useful, it’s also important to shop around. Visit a number of different Ottawa apartments and student housing options in Ottawa before you commit. Finding the best possible Ottawa student housing means doing your research. Compare prices, walk around the neighbourhood, read up on the area, ask around and even consider talking to other tenants. The more information you have, the better chance you’ll have at finding the perfect student housing.

There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question When it Comes to Student Housing

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Just because your potential landlord may not tell you up front about things like utility costs, noisy neighbours, old appliances, parking options and pets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask.  Ultimately, you are the consumer and it’s your job to secure the best possible deal for yourself. Remember, you won’t find the perfect Ottawa student apartment unless you seriously look for it. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to do. Good luck!

If you’re looking for student apartments for rent in Ottawa, District Realty is looking for you. With many choice apartment locations across the city, our Ottawa apartment rentals are affordable, clean, spacious and professionally managed – the perfect place to call home.

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Cordonna - Exterior

The Cordonna (2929 Carling Ave.)
Location: Ottawa West
Unit Type: 1 Bedroom
Rent From: $959/mo.

Contact: 613-913-6502
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The Carillon
(335 Cooper St)
Location: Downtown
Unit Type: Bachelor
Rent From: $1050/mo.

Contact: 613-978-0524
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Stewart Exterior

Stewart St (145 Stewart St)

Location: Sandy Hill/Downtown Ottawa
Unit Type: Bachelor
Rent From: $1050/mo.

Contact: 613-223-7593
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The Edwardian
(360 Frank St)

Location: Downtown Ottawa
Unit Type: 1-Bedroom
Rent From: $1450/mo.
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Contact: 613-880-1999

Gilboa Townhouse Interior

Gilboa Place (3301 Uplands Dr)

Location: Ottawa South
Unit Type: 3 Bedroom
Rent From: $1,675/mo.

Contact: 613-521-7771

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